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At PrintCo, we recommend you utilize our expertise in digital printing when offset printing is not the optimal choice. Digital printing is best for:


1. Short Print runs.

Any time you are printing in smaller quantities, your first thought should be digital printing. The advantage that digital printing has over traditional offset methods, is that it requires much less setup. Since there is no film to process, no printing plates to etch, and no ink to load onto a press, digital costs much less at smaller quantities.


2. Fast turnaround.

For the same reasons listed above, digital printing is fast. Need it printed yesterday? Digital is the way to go! Digital presses work like very large, very fast laser printers. And just like a laser printer, we can send artwork to them, and printing begins almost instantaneously.


3. Variable data printing.

When you need to personalize your print runs, digital allows you to use customized content from one piece to the next. For example, with digital you can print from customized mailing lists, showing each person on that list only those products you know they buy.


Best of all, today’s digital printing methods do all of the above without sacrificing quality!

PrintCo has all of the resources to make your digital printing jobs the best they can be.

Prepress Staff

While digital printing is a more forgiving medium than traditional offset methods, it still requires skill to set up you files for the best results. Our staff has decades of experience and is up-to-speed on all of the latest techniques and equipment. When you trust your printing to us, you can rest assured that it will look its best.

State of the Art Equipment

At PrintCo, we make it a point to stay up to date on the latest technologies, techniques, and equipment. The result? A finished product you can be proud of, without you needing to spend days or weeks searching for the right solutions and vendors.

Attention to Detail

Even the simplest print job requires attention to detail. And that focus on your digital printing projects not only ensures a polished-looking print product, it can also save you money. How? By carefully analyzing each aspect of your job’s composition, we can alert you to errors before they occur, so you end up printing exactly what you envisioned.

State of the Art

With digital printing the software used in preparing files for print, and in running the digital presses themselves, is critical in determining the quality of the results. At PrintCo, we commit the resources necessary to ensure that your job is prepared and printed using the latest software technology.

Client-Focused Service
(That Means YOU)

Remember when customer service became a lost art? We don’t; we’re denying it ever happened! When you trust PrintCo with your important digital printing projects, you’ll be dealing with people who care about you, your business, and the work we chose as our profession: representing our valued customers in print.


Digital printing is changing every day. It’s not a process you want to trust to just anyone. At PrintCo, we’ve built a team of experts, with decades of experience in the field, who work together to get the job done right, producing printed projects that are well-executed, on time, and on budget.

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Preprint Staff

A big factor in the quality of your print run is the work that goes into it before the first page is printed. Prepress is the process by which your files are prepared to the specifications needed to make them look their best using the offset printing method. It’s a process that requires knowledge, skill, and experience‚Ķ things our staff has in abundance.




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