PrintCo appreciates your frustration and, better yet, we have a solution that you can implement immediately.

Let us introduce you to our Print Management Portal. This concept offers you a level of control over printed materials that keeps your money in your pocket until you have need for the printed products. Further, it allows you to order only the quantities you need when the need arises.

Think of our Print Management Portal as an online catalog of your printed materials where ordering is available to you via our website, 24/7! PrintCo’s Print Management Portal helps you to:


  • Control production costs
  • Reduce warehousing costs—along with walks to the dumpster
  • Enjoy quick delivery and an easy ordering process for your branded marketing materials
  • Maintain the quality, uniformity and integrity standards that you have established for all of your branded printed materials

PrintCo establishes a Print Management Portal for you, at no charge, and the process is easy.

You simply send us the electronic files for the printed materials you’ve approved for online ordering. These files can include anything, from editable files where information changes from order to order (like business cards) to un-editable files that are simply reordered (like a PDF of a product brochure that never changes).

Our staff consults with you during the set-up phase and is only a phone call away when questions arise.

New files can be added at any time and outdated files removed or edited to prevent the ordering of outdated materials.


You set the parameters for dynamic criteria within any file template.

For example, when ordering a business card for a new employee, key elements as such as name placement, type font and color and phone number treatments are fixed and cannot be altered when ordering. You determine these elements subject to your brand standards. No more color and font changes that mysteriously evolve over time.


You set rules-based online access for ordering. Fixing quantities within set ranges, for example, ensures that typing errors do not become costly ordering errors.

After placing an order, you receive, via email, an auto-generated confirmation and additional tracking information. Your Print Management Portal provides a full reporting system, including the ability to track product usage, monitor activityand export data into MS Excel for analysis. This reporting system helps you decide whether to add or remove products, forecast future needs, and share positive results—all based on actual data.

Can Print Management save you money?




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